GCH CH B&G Anksunamun Do It For Daddy "Una"       

CH Daoshao & B&G Holiday Cheer "Toffee"

​​This page is dedicated for all the special dogs , what made a mark in my breeding program or otherwise made me proud

​OFA Hips- Good; elbows and patella- Normal

​CH B&G Cute As a Button "Tia"

​​  CH Wylie & CH Toffee

B&G Shar-Pei

CH Tzo Wen and B&G On a Mission CHIC "Wylie"

OFA Hips- GOOD, Elbows- Normal ; Thyroid- Normal; Patella- Normal ; CERF- Normal. CHIC # 89022


OFA Hips-Good; elbows and patella- Normal

OFA Hips- Good; Elbows & Patella- Normal
Glaucoma/PLL- Clear
Co-owned and residing with Shirley Salisbury

OFA Hips- Good; elbows & patella-Normal; PLL/GL-Clear

Daoshao Blonde Ambition "Uma"

OFA prelim Hips- Good; elbows and patella- Normal

CH Adore's E Claire "Claire"

Hello Veseliy Gremlin Du Grain De  Beaute "Hannah"