BISS GCH Good Fortune Ring Of Fire

                           " Jackson" 

      CSPCA Nationals 2018- Winner Dog

                  AKC Champion

Zeke B&G Veseliy Gremlin "Ivan"    

Co-owned with Shirley & Guy Salisbury

      SPAID 6; Glaucoma/PLL- Clear

    OFA eyes-clear; patella-normal

                      AKC Champion

                  B&G The True Legend


       Co-owned and residing with Rita Stevens

OFA Hips- Good; Patella- Normal; GL/PLL- Clear; SPAID10

       SPAID 6; Glaucoma/PLL- Clear; patella-normal

​                Co-owned with Joseph Ryder

Co-owned with Shirley Salisbury​ & ​ Kevin Fernandez 

OFA Hips-excellent; elbows and patella-​ Normal

​  Glaucoma- Clear; N/SPAID

B&G Shar-Pei and French Bulldogs

National Treasure B&G Del Peodoro "Nino"
                 AKC Major pointed