B&G Shar-Pei

OFA Cardiac-Normal, Hips- Excellent; Patella- Normal, Elbows- Normal                                                    

 Yustitsiya Veseliy Gremlin

OFA prelim Hips- Good; Elbows & Patella- Normal

OFA Hips-Good, Elbows and Patella- Normal

​Co-owned and residing with Nathalie Henry

GCH CH B&G Anksunamun Do It For Daddy        "Una"      

Co-owned and residing with Gordon Grant

 OFA Hips- Good; Elbows & Patella- Normal

Co-owned and residing with Shirley Salisbury

Saki Red Jewelers Rouge "Jewels"

CH Yuichi B&G  Veseliy Gremlin


CH Adore's Madame Fortuna "Cora"                                           

OFA Hips- Excellent, elbows & Patella- Normal

CH Adore's E Claire "Claire"