B&G Animal Kingdom CHIC  "Panda"

         AKC Major pointed   

Barhund's I Get A Kick Out Of You   "Freyja"

                  Major pointed

GL/PLL- Clear

​OFA Hips-GOOD; Elbows & Patella- Normal

​ Residing and Co-owned with Rita Stevens

OFA Hips-Excellent, elbows- Normal, patella- Normal, thyroid- Normal, eyes- Normal. SPAID 10. Glaucoma/PLL- Clear

​ Co -owned and residing with Shirley Salisbury

Glaucoma/PLL- Clear

OFA Hips-Good, Elbows and Patella- Normal

 Glaucoma/PLL- Clear; SPAID 6

​Co-owned and residing with Nathalie Henry

​​​Saki Red Jewelers Rouge "Jewels"

             AKC Champion

Epics Shining Bright At B&G  "Raya"

B&G Shar-Pei and French Bulldogs

OFA Hips- GOOD; Patella- Normal; 

Co-owned with Geoff Pickett

​                  AKC Champion

Barhund's Set Fire To The Rain "Kinsey"

CERF eyes- Normal; OFA Cardiac- Normal.

​OFA Hips- Good, Elbows and Patella- Normal

​     Co-owned with Geoff Pickett

              AKC Champion

B&G Pure Of Spirit  "Chara"